BB creams; the’re everywhere, and a sure hit in the beauty bizz.
Every self respecting beautybrand has a BB cream in their range, so there’s a lot to choose from.
Let me help you find the best one for your skintype.

A few basic tips that can work for every skintype:

Get an SPF
Almost every BB cream has an SFP protection, but make sure to check on that first.

Check your shade
Some BB cream claim to work on every skintone. They really don’t. Just hit the pharmacy and swatch some different brands and
shades on your inner arm or wrist, and you will find the best match!

Layer up! (or do not)
Although a BB cream is supposed to replace your normal skincare, this does not work for everyone.
If you have really dry skin, it is best to prep your skin with your usual moisturizer to prevent from flaking on dry spots.
However, if you have a combination skin, you can skip your daycream and just use the BB, because two layers can give you a
greasy skin troughout the day.

Also, a BB cream only gives a light to medium coverage, so finish with a concealer to cover up under-eye circles and other small

So, now all that’s sorted out, let’s find the right BB cream for you!


Darker skintones:
If you have a darker skintone, Maybelline Dream Fresh BB 8-in-1 Beauty Balm Skin Perfector might be a good fit for you.
It has five shades going from Light to Deep, and the deeper tones work really well for dark skin, as it gives your skin a warmer complexion
and evens out the grey or yellow tones.

Combination to oily:
Garnier Miracle Skin Protector for combination to oily skin is your pick! It has a very lightweight texture and gives your
skin a matte finish that will last troughout the day. Optional: swipe on some powder for an extra matte effect.

Stressed out:
Estee Lauder’s Daywear BB cream is a favorite for many beautyaddicts. Aside from the usual BB benefits, like SPF, it also contains
antioxidant, and your stressed out skin likes antioxidant a lot!

Clinique Age Defense BB cream is part of the Age Defense line, so fights the signs of early aging next to the other BB cream effects.


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