Niche perfumes, it’s a thing. Suddenly it seems very cool (yep, guilty as charged) to get some perfume from a brand nobody has ever heard of. It goes like: “Wow, you smell great where’d you get that scent?” “Oh, I got it from this really small boutique, they only sell it in like 5 stores wordwide”. Ok, so we are exaggerating this a little bit, but you get the point, right?

Fact is, these niche brand perfumes really do smell better than the ones from the household names you find at your local drugstore. The key notes in these scents a in most cases more refined and different, like paprika or incense. Also, the packaging seems more stylish and chic, and we all like some nice packaging, don’t we?

Our favourites:

Juliette Has A Gun: Romantina
A flowery scent with orangeblossom, vanilla and jasmine

Byredo: Gypsy Water
Woody with paprika, lemon, amber and sandelwood

Diptyque: Eau Rose
Pure roses, that is basically it, perfect if you like the smell of roses!

Atelier Cologne: Bois Blonds
A citrussy smell with woody undertones


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